Steak Dinner Restaurant

So you invested in a great cut of steak. With only a few minutes between rare and unappetizing, tough-as-a-shoe overdone, timing is key. But it also takes a few basic cooking skills to make sure your steak turns into a success. The only way to make a perfect meal is to practice. As long as you pay attention and avoid common mistakes, the results will be great.

There are probably a few dozen ways to ruin a steak, but here are the four most common mistakes made:

Overcooking it

Grilling any cut of beef to “well done” kills the flavor and makes for a dry steak. Overcooked beef is tough because when fat, protein, and sugar molecules fuse they make the meat difficult to cut, chew, and even digest. Now accidents happen, others think it is dangerous to eat meat that isn’t cooked all the way “through.” However, if you buy high quality steaks and cook them properly getting sick is highly unlikely.

Using store-bought marinade

Using a store-bought marinade full of sugar and preservatives and may be the downfall of your next steak. Sugar when used in moderation will help the meat brown better on the grill, creating strong smoky, charred flavors. Too much overpowers the natural flavors of the meat, and – as you know- isn’t good for you. Likewise, many preservatives have subtle but clearly unnatural flavors.

Store-bought marinade often has too much of both. Check labels or better yet, make your own. There are lots of easy recipes online that are delicious and better for you and your steak.

Flipping, poking and prodding steak while cooking

Cook your steak in a screaming hot pan. Then leave it alone until it starts to caramelize, sealing in the flavors. Flip it only once.

The same is true for poking or squeezing. If you poke into a steak to test it, you allow the juices that hold most of the flavor to run out. Squeezing or prodding the steak may lead to more juices running out.

Not letting it rest

It is vital to allow the steak rest after it is done cooking – no matter if you pan-cooked it or if you threw it on the grill. In order to redistribute the juices within the steak. If given the time to rest the meat will lose less juice when you cut it making for a juicier, more succulent steak. Needed rest time will depend on size, but steaks should generally rest at least 3 to 5 minutes.