Flat Iron Steak
Few things in life are more wonderful than biting into a warm, juicy steak and having the flavor simply explode on your tongue. A good steak can be cut easily, but a great steak will practically melt in your mouth! There are a lot of factors that go into making a steak utterly delicious — from the grade of the meat used, how long it is aged, the blend of seasonings that are applied throughout the process and ultimately the cooking method. See how Scotch ‘N Sirloin can take a good sirloin steak and turn it into something truly special.

Grade of Meat

Your local steak restaurant has choices about the cut of steaks that they prepare. The grade of steak is incredibly important to the flavor of the finished product, with USDA prime beef being the best and most expensive cut of meat.

Proper Aging

From sirloin steak to filet mignon, great steak restaurants serve meats in a variety of different cuts. However, each steak must be properly aged to bring forth the most flavor and tenderness. The majority of steakhouses rely on wet aging their meats, which involves vacuum sealing the meat for a period of time within its own juices.

Cooking and Seasoning

The key to a perfect steak is the ideal blend of seasonings, finished with a luscious sear. Whether you like your steaks very rare or well done, the seasonings can make or break the flavor. Too much garlic or pepper can overpower the delicate flavor of a filet mignon, where you might need a heartier taste for a different cut of meat. Cooking your steak quickly under an intense heat provides terrific control of the finished steak.

If you’re a lover of steaks, you’ll appreciate the care and quality of each steak cooked at the Scotch ‘N Sirloin steak restaurant! Our professional chefs are local to the area and work hard to be sure that each meal is a special occasion for you and your loved ones. Call 716-837-4900 for reservations or reserve your table online today!