Banquet Hall

Restaurants with banquet rooms are a great choice for hosting larger parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, receptions, baby showers, and business functions. With so many venues featuring banquet halls, narrowing down your choices can be difficult. If you’re looking for a banquet room but don’t know where to start, here are five important things to consider before booking.

1. Pick a venue with a convenient location.

When hosting a reception for another off-site event, it’s important to pick a banquet hall that’s nearby. For general parties, a dinner venue that’s centrally located and convenient for a majority of your guests is ideal. On-site parking is a must.

2. Make sure its capacity suits your needs.

While it’s obvious that a banquet room shouldn’t be too small for your party, it also shouldn’t be too large, either. A space designed for 100 people will look empty with just 40, diminishing its ambiance.

However, a larger hall can be scaled down somewhat to accommodate smaller parties with the right furniture. It’s better for a venue be a little too big than too small — a banquet hall designed for 60 people is a much better choice for a party of 30 than one designed for 20.

3. Check for package deals.

While some restaurants with banquet rooms offer the same menu to all patrons, many will offer special discounted package deals for larger parties. In addition to food, these packages may include other perks, such as bar service, decorations, and entertainment.

4. Learn the rules for outside vendors.

It’s no surprise that most restaurants don’t allow outside food to be served in banquet rooms. If you’re planning on serving a special item, such as a cake, make sure the venue allows it. Additionally, if anyone in your party has special dietary restrictions, make sure the in-house kitchen can accommodate them.

However, many restaurants with banquet rooms are amenable to working with party planners and decorators, especially when these services aren’t offered in house. Always check beforehand.

5. Find a banquet hall that provides ample time.

Nobody likes being rushed out of a party. Look for a venue that gives guests enough time to relax and enjoy themselves. Also, make sure and find out beforehand what the policy for extra setup and cleanup time may be.

Banquet Rooms at the Scotch ‘n Sirloin

If you’re looking for a dinner party venue in Amherst, NY, consider booking a private room with us at the Scotch ‘n Sirloin. Our private rooms are ideal for parties of up to 60 diners.