Stop by for an Incredible Lunch at the Scotch N Sirloin

Got a hankering for an afternoon steak? In the mood for seafood? How about a local favorite —our delicious Beef on Weck Sandwich?

When it comes to finding the best lunch restaurant in town, make sure the Scotch ‘N Sirloin is on the menu!

Check out our very favorite lunch ideas:
Top Sirloin Steak

This is what we […]

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Top Tips for Choosing a Private Dining Room

Looking for a private dining room or banquet hall for an event? Consider these factors before making your final decision:
1. Make sure the accommodations match your headcount needs.

There are generally headcount minimums and maximums when it comes to private dining rooms.
2. What other amenities are you looking for?

You’ll also want to consider whether or not […]

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We Have the Perfect Choices for National Chicken Month

National Chicken Month is here, and The Scotch ‘N Sirloin is celebrating with our own delicious, unique chicken dishes. After more than 30 years of providing only the best food and service at our one-of-a-kind steak restaurant, we are highlighting our chicken recipes this month.

The original menu at The Scotch ‘N Sirloin consisted of […]

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Take a Fresh Look at The Scotch N Sirloin Lunch Menu

Outstanding customer service is the core aspect of any successful lunch restaurant and it is definitely the experience remarked about most from our many happy patrons. But if you were to take a survey about what matters most to our customers, then you would find a variety of answers.
High-Quality Food
Many simply love our food. To […]

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What Makes a Good Happy Hour

From Shakespeare to the U.S. Navy, the term “Happy Hour” has had a pretty prestigious upbringing. In Shakespeare’s play “Henry V,” the king himself commanded his lords to “Omit no happy hour.” I daresay they obeyed. The phrase later cropped up as U.S. Navy slang for shipboard shindigs in the 1920s, then spread to secret […]

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In the News: The Scotch ‘N Sirloin Featured in the Buffalo News

Scotch ‘N Sirloin owner Joe Delaney presents the colossal-cut top sirloin. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

There is nothing like sharing a perfectly cooked steak in good company in a comfortable setting with good service. That’s exactly what we do here at The Scotch ‘N Sirloin day after day, and that is why it […]

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