National Hamburger Month
If you’re a hamburger-lover (and seriously, who isn’t), we’ve got some great news: May is National Hamburger Month!

Yep, that’s right. All day, every day in the month of May, people around the world will be savoring the best and most delicious hamburgers.

Why Is It National Hamburger Month?

Good question.

It’s not so easy to find an answer to that one, but we’ll do our best.

It seems that a fast food chain ultimately started this celebratory month some years ago. We don’t know exactly when or why, but certainly, no one’s arguing about it — certainly not us.

So that’s about all we have about the history of the month, but to satiate your cravings for food history, let us at least give you a bit more useless hamburger knowledge to toss around to your friends. After all, more people need to know about this beautiful gastronomic creation. And it certainly didn’t just appear out of thin air fully-formed.

Oh no, as it turns out, the hamburger actually originated in Ancient Egypt, where they regularly ate ground meat at meals. Then later in the late 12th century, ruthless Mongol emperor Genghis Khan and his men started molding their ground lamb and mutton meat into patties.

Khan and his descendants ultimately brought this patty tradition to the Russians who then adopted it into their own “Steak Tartare.” And that’s when the Germans took it over (in the 1600s), and it eventually made its way to the port city of Hamburg. Sailors who shipped in and out of this port started loving these “Hamburg steaks,” and … the rest, as they say, is history.

Make Your Hamburger Month Plans Now!

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