Reserving a Table at a Restaurant

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, a business dinner, or an event with your extended family, you should always book restaurant reservations at popular places. Just follow these do’s and don’ts for an optimal experience when you make reservations.


  1. Be clear about how many people will be in your party when you call for dinner reservations. It may seem like no big deal to add Uncle Bob to your party of four right before dining. For the restaurant, though, it may not be easy. They may have fewer tables for five than four, or have reserved several parties of five and have none left.
  2. Don’t try to change your time or date right before the reservation. When restaurants reserve a table, they are holding a space for you. They may have turned away other reservations on your date and time.
  3. Let the restaurant know of any changes ahead of time. Changes in plans happen, of course. It’s a good idea to let the restaurant know as soon as possible, and they’ll be happy to accommodate you.
  4. Try Sunday through Wednesday dining! Friday and Saturday nights are heavy nights for most restaurants. The service is good, of course, but the servers and owners likely won’t be able to give you extra attention. Sunday through Wednesday, they can.


  1. Be late and still expect to be served. Even 15 minutes may matter to a busy restaurant. If they have guests waiting for a table and you’re not there at the agreed-upon time, they are within their rights to give the table to another party.
  2. Blame the servers or hosts for restaurant policies. Some restaurants don’t take reservations. Some will not hold a reservation past a certain time. These policies were created based on experience, and come from the restaurant’s management. The servers/hosts are simply doing their job abiding by the policies.
  3. Be a no-show! It’s not fair to the restaurant to not show up. Again, they’ve turned away other business for you.


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