Bar and Lounge at the Scotch 'N Sirloin

Every bar, no matter how hip and trendy or old and authentic, was influenced by one that came before it. This means that the vast majority of bars can be organized into a few categories. Here are five varieties.

The Sports Bar

There are three places to spend game day: at the stadium, on the couch, or in the sports bar restaurant. Hot wings, nachos, and pitchers of cheap beer await, along with walls full of TVs. For best results, be a fan of the local team.

The Dive Bar

The dive bar is a little rough around the edges. Sometimes literally, so watch for splinters in the bartop or barstool. They’re kept dark and probably have a jukebox containing Hank Williams inside. Most patrons are regulars and they might seem surly, but most are just trying to get through the day. Expect cheap, strong drinks.

The Cocktail Bar

A cocktail bar and lounge often features professional and dedicated bartenders, or as some call themselves, “mixologists.” High quality drink ingredients and craft mean pricey drinks. The cocktails often take time as well, so don’t expect quick service. On the bright side, an expensive and different drink can be one worth taking the time to savor.

The Themed Bar

Themed bars include anything with a theme. Tiki bars, a New Orleans themed restaurant and bar, a vodka bar inside of an ice palace- anything where the theme is the reason to go. Best advice is to try the drinks that are most reminiscent of the theme.

The Irish Pub

Irish pubs are not just for Ireland- in fact it seems like there is an Irish-style restaurant lounge in just about every city. They typically have a relaxed, old school, tavern-like atmosphere. Pubs are a place all people can get together to share a pint.

Scotch N Sirloin’s warm, inviting, oak-filled atmosphere is the perfect restaurant bar lounge to enjoy an aged in-house steak. Pair it with a selection from the extensive single malt scotch list or a drink special for the best experience.