Prime Rib
Looking for a place to take your sweetheart for a special occasion? Have friends coming into town? Or just need a night off from cooking? The Scotch’n’Sirloin’s got you covered with numerous steak dinner options to whet your appetite!

Prime Rib

When you’re looking for tenderness, nothing beats prime rib. Our prime rib is of the finest quality with excellent marbling but not too much fat. Our cuts also have a center “eye” portion, which can be taken out. The taste is exquisite and simply can’t be beat.

Filet Mignon

Boneless and filled to the brim with flavor, filet mignon is top of the line when it comes to beef. We expertly prepare our filet mignon by trimming it carefully for perfect marbling. We want our guests to be able to cut with just a fork for that perfect velvety texture and juicy flavor.

New York Strip

AKA: The Kansas City Strip. This cut is taken from the short loin and explodes with flavor — largely from the even marbling. It’s a perfect marriage between leanness and tenderness.

Sirloin Steak

The leanest of our beef cuts, our sirloin is USDA Choice Sirloin and absolutely delectable. Tasters will note that it lacks the intense tenderness of our other cuts; however, what it lacks in tenderness, it certainly makes up for in bursts of delicious flavor. It’s our favorite steak for hearty, bold beef flavor.

Make Your Reservation Today!

Join us for a delicious steak dinner any time! Or if you can’t dine in, take us home with you! We offer all of our delicious steak dinners and other dishes to-go. Give us a call at 716-837-4900 to order out — or make your dine-in reservation.

We look forward to welcoming you at Scotch’n’Sirloin, the best steak restaurant in town!